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A casual and curious gardener for the last 15 years and passionate hobby farmer for the last few years, the success of our informal road-side sale of excess garden produce propelled me to the next level of earnestness and enterprise and I started Ox Cart Farm in February 2021.

Business Description

Ox Cart Farm LLC is a start-up sustainable 1/8 acre family farm venture operated by a part-time beginning farmer based in Upton, Massachusetts.  We focus on growing the most nutritious and best tasting fruit and vegetables possible using sustainable practices that continuously improve soil health.  We produce and sell vegetable, herb, and edible flower seedlings as well as handmade woodworking products.  We sell through a home-based, self-serve farm stand, at local farmers’ markets, and as a spoke in regional food hubs.  Wood products are available in an online shop as well.   

Mission Statement

Ox Cart Farm LLC is dedicated to providing the most nutritious and best tasting fruit and vegetables by offering only top quality products, continuously monitoring and maintaining optimal soil health, and using sustainable production methods.